my 7 favorite free virtual workout classes during covid-19

Hey everyone! I hope you're staying healthy and happy during this crazy COVID-19 pandemic. What a wacky & weird time it is. With all the sadness, stress, and hardship that's coming out of it, one thing that I absolutely am loving is the creativity I'm seeing. So many people are quickly adapting and using technology in some of the most creative ways.

From Instagram Live music festivals with artists performing in their living rooms, to virtual bachelorette parties, it's been really cool to see the creative juices flowing & I think our world will be forever impacted by these technological shifts... definitely interesting to think about it in a positive way. I'm sharing my favorite free virtual workouts in case you're looking for some fitness camaraderie from around the world.

Keep in mind for Instagram Live, you can usually watch the replay afterwards by clicking on the instagram's profile, then clicking into stories from there and you'll see the option to "Watch Live Video" later in the day. (This comes in handy when you live down under!)



USA nationwide

This is one of my favorite studios in the states, and I go for classes every time I'm home! Now, I can take my favorite classes on Instagram or on their on-demand site where they are offering a select few for free during the pandemic. There are 20, 30 and 60 minute classes available. Many of their instructors are also offering free classes on Instagram Live with requests for optional donations to help support the instructors out of work. I've been following @gnarrrcharrr for her Insta Live 60 min Yoga Sculpt class a few times a week. (Sculpt = yoga + cardio + weights... or wine bottles in my case!)



I've never actually been to this studio since it opened after I moved away from San Francisco, but my girl friends in SF post about it so I had been following it on Instagram. They're offering free boxing classes on Instagram Live daily on @doyourumble.


LA based

Another boxing studio recommended to me by my bestie, Andrea, in LA. They're offering free 30 minute workouts daily at 10:30 on Instagram Live, and you can watch the replay on their Instagram story from the profile for 24 hours. Check them out on @boxunionstudio.


US-based with studios around the world

Barry's you likely have heard of, but if not it's an awesome bootcamp style workout with loud music and dark but colorfully lit rooms. Right now, they're offering 20 minute workouts on Instagram Live at @barrys.

5. CORE40

Another SF studio I used to go to!

They're offering at home Lagre Fitness pilates classes on Instagram Live at @core40.

6. 305 FITNESS

NYC-based & in other major US cities

It's like a dance cardio party in your house. This studio is really popular in NYC. 305 Fitness is offering free live stream workouts on their YouTube twice a day at 12 pm and 6 pm EST.



A good yoga class to get a good sweat going -- it's an upbeat yoga class with good beats to flow to. They're offering free Instagram Live classes throughout the week at @y7studio.

I don't know about you guys, but I personally feel much more connected to EVERYONE from around the world. Not only due to the fact that this is something crazy we are all going through together that impacts every part and community of the world, but also because I live so far from family and friends in the states. I have actually felt a lot more involved since everyone is hanging out virtually now and I can be included in more things -- just last weekend I had 2 happy hours, a 30th birthday, and a virtual bachelorette all over Zoom!

Working out is something that's a must for me to keep me feeling sane and from going stir crazy being inside most of the day, so I've been trying lots of fun free workouts that are being offered and felt like you should all know about how to access them, if you don't already!

What are some of your favorites right now? Share some with me below!


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