how to see k’gari (fraser island), australia in a 4x4

K’gari, as it was originally called by Australia’s aboriginals before it was discovered by white settlers, now more commonly known as Fraser Island, was one of the coolest trips I’ve done here. That and the Great Barrier Reef trip gave easily been the most unique to Australia - trips you can’t just take anywhere. from 4x4 driving on the beach, to gorgeous freshwater lakes and natural lazy rivers, this Fraser Island guide will walk you through everything you need to see on the island!

Being the largest sand island in the world, K’gari is not very settled which is lucky for us as it’s very important part of the Butchulla aboriginal culture to keep its untouched natural beauty. It helps that there’s not many people that live permanently on the Island outside the aboriginal tribes who still live there and treat the land so well. That being said, there’s not a ton to do on the island - you visit it for its natural beauty. 

You can opt to rent a 4x4 and drive yourself on a recommended route, or go with a guided tour (still driving yourself -or- with a driver!) We went with some friends and joined a 3 day/2 night Dropbear Adventures tour, which was about 30 people in total broken up into 4 cars with one guide. It was a great way to see the island, because the company knew the best routes, taught us how to drive on the sand, cooked all our meals, and setup camp. We just had to show up! Dropbears tours have a lot of backpackers, most ranging within their 20s. There are lots of tour companies so make sure to look into which tour group is best for you! If you opt to explore the island on your own, check out 2 of the eco friendly resorts on the island - Kingfisher Resort and Beachcamp.

Once the sun went down, I was amazed by the astronomy and how clear it was! We sat and hung out on the beach with friends for hours admiring it (with cocktails in hand of course!) being down under, you’re seeing different stars than I would in California. You can see a whole new galaxy?!?!?!?! We saw nearly the entire Milky Way (a different perspective and wider view than that from the states!), Mars looked really clear, and lots of other stars the guides pointed out for us. It was pretty damn amazing. 

On the island you’ll also find dingos, so you have to be careful to not go anywhere alone. They’re really cute, but not so friendly! That’s another perk of going with a guided tour, as they prepare you on dingo safety. 

We also were taught about the aboriginal culture and the meanings behind what we saw from their perspective, in addition to learning how to throw (and successfully catch 🙌🏻) a boomerang and to play the didgeridoo.

Fraser was one of the most aussie things I’ve done here so far, and highly recommend visiting it! It’s not on the top of the tourist list, and a lot of Australians I know haven’t even done it. So when you’re planning your next aussie trip, consider 2-3 days on K’gari/Fraser Island!

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Here's the bucket list of what to see while on the island, in a 2-3 day trip:

  • Swim in the most crystal clear lake, Lake McKenzie

  • Check out Lake Wabby

  • Visit Maheno Shipwreck (& learn the interesting history!)

  • Swim in the Champagne Pools

  • Look for whales and dolphins from Indian Head look out

  • Float down the natural lazy river, Eli Creek

  • Learn to play the famous Didgeridoo

  • Learn how to throw a Boomerang on the open beaches

  • Drive though scenic Cooloola National Park... see the famous Rainbow Beach Colored Sands

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