5 things I love right now (june 2018)

In an attempt to share more about my lifestyle, from things I do, to food I eat, to where I shop and how I stay active, I want to share more about my day-to-day rather than just when I travel. With that, I'm going to start sharing 5 things I love right now each month. This can range from products I'm obsessed with, to TV shows, to clothes and everything in between. These posts will be short & sweet, explain why I love them, how much it'll cost you, and any other need-to-know information. So, here are 5 things I love right now in June 2018!


Why I'm obsessed: COMFORT. Enough said. I'm all about it. It's my dream to wear yoga pants everyday of my life, but some of us have to go into corporate jobs. This is like wearing sweats to work but looking cute. I love to pair them with a long sweater or a leather jacket & my Stan Smith shoes. These will be perfect for airplanes and traveling as well!

Cost: I just snagged these on sale in Australia, but list price in USD is $128 and worth every penny!


Why I'm obsessed: this isn't a new item to me all together, although it is new as I finally got one since moving to Australia. However, I've fallen back into love with my smoothie obsession and Joe and I have been having smoothies or veggie juices for breakfast pretty much daily since we got it! Here's my classic breakfast green smoothie recipe.

Cost: $60 USD


Why I'm obsessed: My hair is pretty fine, so this gives it so much more thickness. The main reason I love it is because it allows me to be lazy with my hair. It's great for giving your hair some natural volume so you can leave your house without styling it, giving it a cute beachy look. I also love to use it even on dry hair for when I'm wearing my hair up in a top knot because it makes it look so much fuller (and keeps it in place with the texture it creates!)

Cost: $16 USD


Why I'm obsessed: Joe and I consider ourselves "wannabe paleos", meaning when we cook, we cook paleo, but when we eat out in a social setting it's ok to cheat. We aren't that strict (unfortunately! haha). That being said, banana chips or plantain chips (which you can get at TJs) are my favorite paleo snacking alternative to hold you over until dinner.

Cost: $2 USD


Why I'm obsessed: As some of you may know, I battle with an inflammatory auto immune disease that creates inflammation around my spine, hips, and other joints. This has not only been an amazing natural inflammation reducer that I apply topically as well as take internally, but it's also amazing for your skin! I add a drop to my morning moisturizer and night cream before applying to help keep my skin clear and reduce blemishes and puffiness. It has a number of other benefits outside of these, like supporting the health of our cardiovascular, immune, digestive and respiratory systems, being a powerful antioxidant, & helping to calm and support our nervous systems.

Cost: $35 USD wholesale / $46 not wholesale

Know of something I need to try? I love your recommendations. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite products right now (& your insta handle!) are and I'll feature you on my insta story if you give me some recs!

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