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We've done a lot of FaceTime tours for family and friends of our travel-themed beachy apartment in Sydney, so I figured I’d share how we decorated our apartment on the blog with all of you too! I’m going to walk you through a picture "tour" of our apartment & tips on how to decorate your flat affordably, with a simple, minimalist and most importantly, TRAVEL vibe. As an expat, you always think "it's a temporary situation" so don't want to break the bank on home decor, so we searched for affordable items that look cute and I'm eager to share them. Throughout the post, I’ll be linking the same or similar products (since most of mine purchased here are aussie-brands) for you to click through and purchase if you wish!

table: Ikea here and similar here

dining chairs: here

faux leather pillows: similar here and here

I went with a black, white, and tan theme, given the brightness of the space and the tan hardwood floors (that I LOVE), and added mismatched pops of color throughout with various accents. I like to keep it pretty simple with neutral colors for a minimalist style.

california (and other state) prints: here

light box: here

artificial plant: similar here

accent chair: similar here, here, and here

indoor plant basket: here

wire storage basket: similar here

coffee table: similar here

cubed shelving unit: here and similar here and here

Throughout our apartment, we have different travel-inspired decor, mostly photographs and books, to remind us of amazing memories we've made around the world, and to decorate the apartment in an affordable way. I pick my favorite cities and use the photos I have taken all over the world to print & put in simple, white frames -- throughout the kitchen, living room, and our room. It makes for a super simple, travel theme throughout the flat at a fraction of the price you'd typically spend on. wall art.

PS: I started selling some of my photos as stock photos HERE in case you want to purchase any for your home!

frames: similar here

black and gold wall clock: similar here and here

Looking forward to hearing what you think in the comments below!!

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