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Happy 2nd day of summer to all of my new aussie readers (and happy first day of winter to all my Americans back home!) Summer is the perfect season to take advantage of all of the beautiful coastal walks Sydney has to offer. You have the Bondi>Coogee, Spit>Manly, and many more. Today, my husband Joe and I ventured from Manly up to some of the other northern beach suburbs of Sydney to walk along the coastline back to Manly.

You can start at Dee Why or Curl Curl for this walk. From Dee Why, it'll take about 2 hours if you don't stop, but I recommend stopping for a swim, coffee, lunch, and shopping in each of the cute little beachy suburbs (in which case you can expect it to be more like 3-4)! If you start at Dee Why, you'll pass by Curl Curl (Curly as the locals call it), Freshwater (Freshie), and then finally end at Manly -- or continue all the way to Shelley Beach!

When you pass Curl Curl, make sure to stop for a coffee or breakfast at Gusto on the Beach. It's an awesome little cafe overlooking the beach. Breakfast with a view - can't beat that! Once you make it to Freshie, you can walk a couple blocks up to walk around the cutest little main street. I recommend grabbing lunch at Little Collins, Salt Bush, or Calm Cafe. PS: Calm Cafe has Tumeric Lattes!

Once you make it to Freshie, you'll have to decide the route you'll take to get to Manly. If you hike/climb along the rocks & stay on the coast, you'll find the coolest little natural cave that leads you to Manly. Keep in mind this isn't a super easy trek, so it's not for everyone! You'll be literally climbing through rocks for quite some time. I highly recommend it if you're up for an adventure, but recommend not following my lead and doing it in flip flops! You'll see lots of crabs along the way. If you want to climb over Queenscliff, you'll also catch quite the view -- of gorgeous homes overlooking Manly.

Either way you go, you can't go wrong. And just over the hill is the best area of all (of course I'm biased since it's my main beach!) -- Manly Beach! You'll arrive at Queenscliff pool which is an awesome ocean water swimming pool, as all the beaches here have one

I highly recommend going on this walk if you're visiting or looking to explore new neighborhoods within Sydney! Make sure to take a dip in the various ocean pools at each beach along the way!



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