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Healdsburg is part of Sonoma County in Northern California - part of the famous wine region that's well-known all around the world. Healdsburg is about an hour and a half north of San Francisco, and the northernmost wine region in Sonoma County along the 101. Healdsburg is full of rustic, small town charm and it's possibly the cutest place around! There's a town square, which is central to everything - you can walk everywhere from here. Surrounding the Healdsburg square, you'll find lots of winery tasting rooms, restaurants, bars, and shops. I absolutely love the city's vibe - everything is casual with an edgy and sophisticated style!

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I went with Emily Martin Communication & Events, who planned a fun weekend for me along with 6 other San Francisco/wine country bloggers. She had setup the perfect itinerary for a Saturday or Sunday in Healdsburg, all right in the Healdsburg Square and within walking distance to each other.


Siduri was one of the coolest tasting experiences of the day. They're known for their amazing food + wine pairings. Not only was their wine awesome, but their chef was also AMAZING, so this is a perfect spot to visit if you're a foodie like me! We sat with winemaker, Adam Lee, who gave us the entire history on how they got started and how their wines are made. Adam had us laughing the entire time - he has such an interesting background and is an engaging storyteller for sure!

I learned that Siduri was named after the Babylonian goddess of wine. Their cute Healdsburg wine lounge is decorated with a large map of wine country on one of the big walls, showing the various wine regions Siduri grows grapes in. Siduri was started by Adam and his wife, Dianna, who have an adorable love story that leads up to starting the winery together. Their shared love for pinot noir is seen throughout their varieties of cool climate pinots on the menu! My favorite wine at Siduri was the 2014 Siduri Pisoni Valley Pinot Noir - DELICIOUS. Snag a bottle for your next date night!

Photo by: Siduri Wines

Photo by: Siduri Wines

Photo by: Greg Rose Photography


Banshee Wines is also right on the Healdsburg Square, so we headed over there after Siduri. Banshee hands down has the coolest tasting room decor I've ever seen. Their eye for style is on point, resembling something along the lines of retro rock n' roll-meets-desert-chic. I wanted to steal everything in their for my apartment. We had a fun time hanging out in there and dancing to music from their huge selection of vinyl to play on their record player (I even played DJ for a bit). Trust me - this place is 100% sending the vibes.

The fun and friendly tasting room staff were great - Zack walked us through our tasting with a 3D map which I appreciated, being a visual learner. My absolute favorite thing about Banshee was their magnum rosé bottles (for members only). I definitely had to purchase some of their rosé for my next sunny Fort Mason park day. I can't wait to take my friends back to this spot.


Finally, we ended at La Crema - where the wine was unbelievably delicious. Ben from La Crema was a blast to hang out with. He walked us through a Wine Tasting 101, which was super helpful if you're like me and still eager to learn as much as you can about wine! He actually made us do a blind tasting and (I'll toot my own horn... toot toot!) I was the only one who guessed all 3 pinot's correctly! Very proud of myself - possibly beginner's luck? Or maybe I'm just getting better? Either way, it was fun!

La Crema setup an amazing (& extensive) charcuterie board for us as well. It almost looked to pretty to eat (although that obviously didn't stop me...). My favorite wine at La Crema was the 2013 Green Valley Pinot Noir. I think I'm going to have to order a case of these to have on hand. They were to die for!

Photo by: Greg Rose Photography

Photo by: La Crema Winery

Photo by: La Crema Winery

We had the absolute best Saturday tasting wine from some of the best wineries in Sonoma County. I hope you get a chance to head up to Healdsburg soon... it is definitely one of my favorite wine tasting areas with it's cute, small town feel (not to mention everything is walking distance!) If you're looking for your next adventure, head up for a quick day trip or weekend getaway from the city!



My visit was hosted by the wineries, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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