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So today I want to share all about my new favorite yoga studio! Ritual Hot Yoga is relatively new and located in San Francisco. It's such a cool spot, so I'm dying to share it with everyone.

As I’m sure many of you know already, I love hot yoga! I’ve been going to various yoga studios around the city, but most frequently CorePower Yoga, for about 2 years now, but recently took a couple months off because I was having some wrist/thumb joint pain (#firstworldproblems 😞). I’ve been feeling just kind of ‘bleh’ without hot yoga in my life and am excited to get back to it. It’s so refreshing and detoxing to get such a good sweat and workout in on the regular. I feel so much better when I am able to practice yoga regularly and my body just feels really good and strong.

Photo by: Garrett Roth

While I was on a break, I made the decision to switch studios when I went back. With most of the hot yoga studios around the city that I've been to, I felt like I wasn’t progressing with my practice due to the overcrowded classes, and no adjustments or time for hands on training from the teachers.

I’ve been to Ritual Hot Yoga for probably only 10 or so classes in the past, and have fallen in love. I’m excited to start going to Ritual Hot Yoga more regularly! For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s a new boutique yoga studio in SOMA (and a 2nd location opening in FiDi soon!) that opened in 2016 and offers one of the most unique yoga experiences I’ve ever had, and I’m excited to tell you what I love about it.

For starters, you don’t need to lug your mat, mat towel, sweat towel, shower towel, etc. all over the city. They provide everything for you. The mats, in fact, are already all setup in the room for you, spaced out evenly with room to breathe in between you and the person next to you. They limit classes to the number of mats they provide each class with, and don’t let it overfill!

Photo by: Garrett Roth

Think of Ritual as the Soul Cycle of Yoga. They play hip hop and other modern music, it’s dark and the room is only lit with candles, and the instructors lead you through the whole experience via a mic so you’re breathing is synced up with everyone else in the room and timed perfectly to the beat.

They also have 2-3 instructors per class, which means lots of adjustments and hands on training. They also offer 4 levels of each pose throughout the entirety of the class, so it’s truly for all levels and challenging even if you’re farther along in your practice. The membership at Ritual also comes with unlimited 1:1 personal sessions, which I’m excited to take advantage of this month to finally master my headstand and play around with other arm balances!

Speaking of teachers, I love that Ritual has such a unique teaching model. All of the teachers are salaried employees with benefits vs. being paid per class or by class attendance. This is so ahead of the curve for San Francisco and the fitness industry in general, and I love that it gives teachers a better opportunity to pursue and teach what they love with a career path laid out for them. You can read more about all the amazing things the studio offers their employees here.

Blair from This + That Blog and me before a class!

And I can’t forget one of the more trivial parts of class that definitely stand out to me regardless: the instructors put cold towels with eucalyptus essential oils over your eyes in savanna and ALWAYS give you a head massage. :) OH MY GOD it feels so good after you just busted your ass for 45 minutes in a hot room.

Overall, it just creates such a more personalized yoga experience tailored to you, wherever you are on your yoga journey, and I couldn’t be happier to be going here! Stay tuned on my Instagram for more yogi updates.

This is a sponsored post, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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