crockpot chicken tortilla soup

The crockpot is a godsend. It saves me so much time during my busy weekdays. I love going to the store on Saturday or Sunday to get my food ready for the week. I typically make a crockpot meal, which will last for both mine and Joe's lunches (since we both get lunch at work a few days a week), as well as a smoothie recipe that I use for all of my breakfasts through the week.

Tortilla soup is one of my go-to's for meal prep on Sundays. It's so delicious and easy to make! It barely even takes any prepping since a lot of it comes from canned tomatoes and such. The only prep work involved is really to dice the onions and cube the chicken breast. It saves me so much time when I get organized on Sundays! Here's the recipe for the healthy crockpot tortilla soup:

Hope you enjoy the recipe!



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