this sundae is for ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! This upcoming Sunday is the ultimate ice cream "Sundae"😉 because it's National Ice Cream Day! What's better than an excuse for an adult to act like a kid?! I'm putting an adult twist on an old classic and throwing an ice cream social for a few of my favorite people on Sunday evening. I cannot wait! PS: these are my new dessert serving dishes (pictured below) I received as a wedding gift, and I can't wait to break them in!

Whole Foods Market hooked me up with some pretty amazing ingredients to test out, and I'm eager to share my favorite ones with you all! Even if you're trying to be healthy for the summer season, there are plenty of organic, vegan, and low calorie ingredients I'm excited to tell you about! In prepping some creations for the ice cream social this weekend, I completely destroyed my kitchen - there were melted ice cream drops and topping crumbs everywhere. But it was fun to get creative! It's the perfect activity for you and your friends this weekend.

I have been hearing a lot about Halo Top ice cream and was very excited to finally try it! It's a low-calorie, low-sugar, and high-protein ice cream that doesn't taste like a lot of the other "diet" ice creams out there. It's actually amazing and tastes like the real unhealthy ice cream we all know and love... and crave! I wasn't let down. Find out which Whole Foods Markets near you sell it here, and head over before they're sold out for the National Ice Cream Day celebrations. Arctic Zero is another one of my favorite no-guilt ice creams, but for me, it's really hit or miss depending on flavor. Snickerdoodle Dandy is my favorite!😃 The final ice cream I used to prep for my get together was Jeni's Spendid Ice Cream in Salty Caramel... not as guilt-free, but very YUM-MY.

Now, on to the fun and creative part: toppings! Thanks to Whole Foods Market SF, I found a whole new hobby in ice cream artistry. Whole Foods Market sent me lots of options to try, from Petit Pot gourmet cookies for ice cream sandwiches, to Three Twins organic sugar cones, to Lulu's California Toffee, and more!

Here are a few of my notable faves:

And my favorite topping award goes to:

  • The Date Lady Caramel Sauce (drizzle over ice cream... or anything really). SO GOOD. The Date Lady uses dates as an alternative to sugar, so it's so much healthier too! Can't wait to try the spread on more recipes and head over to WFM to test out some more of the Date Lady products.

Enjoy fulfilling that sweet tooth of yours!



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