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Potrero Hill rests atop steep streets just south of San Francisco's skyline, near SOMA and The Mission. It has one of my favorite views of the city, which is why Joe and I decided this was where we wanted to take our engagement photos. The Dogpatch is the adjacent neighborhood to Potrero Hill, just at the foot of the hill. Both of these little neighborhoods are really cool. The Dogpatch has developed more and more of a residential, bar, and restaurant scene in the past couple of years. Potrero Hill is also full of lots of really cool restaurants, cafes and shops, and is a relatively quiet neighborhood where you'll often find families and 30-40-somethings living. I think it's just so cute! Here are a few of my favorite Potrero Hill/Dogpatch spots and a few that I are on my list to try:

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  • Serpentine: This trendy spot in the dogpatch serves modern American cuisine in an industrial-chic venue. They have excellent craft cocktails and a cool ambiance.

  • Hazel's Kitchen: A tiny sandwich shop/deli in Potrero Hill with a really cute interior decor -- a bright and light theme with tons of turquoise accents via pitchers, mason jars, etc. This is the perfect place to grab a sandwich and go eat at a park (as there's not much room to eat inside!)

  • Goat Hill Pizza: An old-school pizzeria in Potrero Hill with a San Franciscan twist -- sourdough crust. This is a must try!

  • Plow (yet to try!): The line is always out the door for brunch on the weekends. Plow sits on the main strip of what little hustle and bustle Potrero Hill has. I can't wait to try this farm-to-table American restaurant with what looks like a cute rustic decor.

  • Mochica (yet to try!): A bright and colorful Peruvian bar and restaurant on the main strip of Potrero Hill. They've got great reviews and I can't wait to try their ceviche.


  • Provender: A coffee shop founded by Hillside Supper Club owner Tony Ferrari and his brother Aaron located in Potrero Hill. They focus on espresso drinks (using Sightglass Coffee) as they come from a very Italian family.

  • Farley's: Farley's is located on the main block of Potrero Hill and is probably the most popular coffee shop in the area. They have great little snacks in addition to their coffee. My favorite part about this cute little coffee shop is that they have a wall full of board games to play while you sip your coffee.

  • Dynamo Donuts: Served at many coffee shops around the city, Dynamo Donuts cafe is located on the border of Potrero Hill and The Mission (with another location in The Marina). They're known for their unusual flavor pairings like bacon and maple. YUM.

  • Front Cafe: Front Cafe has house-roasted espressos & pour-overs, plus pastries & sandwiches, in a spare warehouselike setting.


  • Third Rail: Third Rail is located in the trendy Dogpatch and offers one of the most unique spirit/food pairings I've come across, with whiskey and beef jerkey. Choose from suggested pairings or a la carte style beef jerkey and awesome whiskey-based house cocktails. The service and ambiance are on par here too. I love this place.

  • Anchor Steam Brewery Tour (yet to try!) : We've all tried the beer, but did you know they offer free historic walking tours of the brewery?Check out their website for more info. Can't believe I haven't tried this yet, considering my fiancé is a beer lover.

  • Yield (yet to try!): This place sounds awesome -- a cute little organic wine bar with sidewalk seating. Can't wait to check it out.


  • McKinley Park: This cute little neighborhood park has awesome views of Sutro Tower and the San Francisco buildings through the hills in between.

  • Colorful apartment buildings: I am always on the hunt for colorful San Francisco buildings. There are so many around the entire city, but you'll come across a lot of cute ones in this area!

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  • 20th St. and Wisconsin St. intersetion: This is the location where we took our engagement photos. It's my favorite skyline view of Fidi's skyline in the entire city.

Photo by Apollo Fotografie


  • Volleyball: From playing competitive volleyball my whole life, I'm a snob when it comes to volley leagues in the city. VBmatch in Potrero Hill is by far the most competitive and organized league I've come across. You end up playing mini tournaments from 6-9:30 once a week instead of just an hour long game like most leagues, so you get a great work out in too!

  • Boudlering: The Dogpatch Boulders is one of the big bouldering gyms in San Francisco. They offer classes, drop ins, and memberships.

  • Boxing: Third Street Boxing Gym in the Dogpatch is a popular spot to workout. I absolutely love boxing classes.

Enjoy exploring!




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