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Pizza and I have had such a great relationship for many many years now, and we're still going strong. I absolutely love pizza. I think it's the one meal that I wouldn't get sick of eating ever. Of course all the best foods the worst for you!!

San Francisco has some really good pizza spots that I'd love to share with all of you! Here are the city's 10 best pizza spots in my opinion, in no particular order:


Russian Hill

Za is dangerously a couple blocks from my apartment and easily my go-to quick pizza by the slice spot. The "Scaliano" is my favorite pizza there. If you're a meat lover, you won't regret choosing it. The pizza is thin crust, New York style at Za. They deliver too!


North Beach

Golden Boy was a few blocks from my old spot in North Beach. The pizza here is Sicilian style, made on large sheets of fococcia bread. It's a tiny little spot, so you'll likely want to take the pizza slices to Washington Square park or go eat at home instead of eating there. The pizza at Golden Boy is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. If you like seafood, try the garlic and clam pizza, but defintiely don't go kissing anyone for a good few days! BEWARE: CA$H ONLY (but there's a WF and BofA right around the corner).


North Beach & SOMA

Tony's Slice House serves pizza by the slice (or pies) New York style. It's quick and delicious, with locations in both SOMA and North Beach (right around the corner from Golden Boy if you prefer thin sliced pizza). Don't even bother asking for ranch if you're a dipping fan... they always turn you down.

The sit-down, sister restaurant to Tony's Slice House is called Pizza Napoletana. The pizza here is even more amazing than the Slice House's, but you'll likely have to wait in a SUPER long line, as it's one of the most famous restaurants in San Francisco and always filled with tourists who read about it online. You're able to give your number to the hostess though, and they'll text you when your table is ready, so you can go wander around and stop in some of the Grant Street boutiques or hang out at Washington Square Park while you're waiting. Insider tip: you can also order the pizza for takeout to avoid the line and chow down on your own couch!


Russian Hill

This Russian Hill staple has been on a few of my favorite food lists. It's often overlooked, but one of my favorite restaurants -- reasonably priced with awesome, reclaimed wood interior decor. The pizza here is wonderful. We often order takeout from here as well when we're in the mood for some za.


Western Addition and The Mission

Plain and simple, they do Chicago-style, deep dish pizza right. It's hands down the best deep dish in the city. My favorite is the Californian. Although it's still absolutely horrible for you, I pretend that I'm being healthy by getting the one with the whole wheat crust and low-fat mozzarella. Woof. Insider tip: $9 corkage fee -- bring your own wine!

Little Star's small "Classic Deep Dish"


Lower Nob Hill

This food truck-turned-restaurant is one of my new favorites. The wood burning oven cooks the pizzas to perfection. I absolutely loved their brussel sprout dish too, so make sure to try that! The outside of the restaurant is painted a cool forrest green color, and looks so adorable. The staff was also really helpful and quick -- I can't wait to go back. FYI: For groups over 6, they do a family-style set menu for $40/person.

Del Popolo's "House Made Sausage" pizza

7. A16

The Marina

This upscale italian restaurant has absolutely amazing pizza. The ambiance is so cute -- it's the perfect date night spot. (Check out more date night spots on my foodie finds list.) This place is known for their other Italian dishes and extensive wine list as well as their pizza. They also give you scissors to cut your pizza, which was something I thought was a fun little flare.



This is the perfect after work lunch or dinner spot for the SOMA crowd. They have woodburning stoves and a really cool ambiance. This place is also great for groups up to 16, so if you're looking for a birthday dinner spot, I highly recommend it! Don't leave without trying the mouth watering doughnuts for dessert... YUM.


Pacific Heights and The Mission

Attracting the hipster crowd with the trendy ambiance, Pizzeria Delfina is known for its charred neapolitan style and irregularly round shaped pizzas. Don't overlook the margharita pizza for being too boring. It's perfect and the tomato sauce as the slightest hint of sweet. Check out the cannoli for dessert too!

10. CAPO'S

North Beach/China Town

This 1920's style restaurant is known for their Chicago style, deep dish pizza, but also serves sicilian and thin crust as well. The ambiance reminds me of an old fashioned restaurant where the Italian mafia would frequent. I love the red leather high booths and everything else about the vintage decor. They have a full bar and great drinks too.

As an honorable mention, if you're bold enough to wander over to the East Bay, check out one of my favorite pizza spots, Pizzaiolo, located in Oakland. I originially found this place because it was rated the best pizza in California by the Thrillist, so I obviously had to try it. See the best pizza spots in each state on their article here.

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