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My bestie, Andrea (@adevvvv), and I decided to get together for one of many craft and craft beer dates, where we'll be doing a variety of DIY projects while we try some craft beers! We decided to make a DIY tassel garland today. Andrea is going to put one in her room as decor, and they also make great photo backdrops and decorations for parties and events.

Today, the beers we chose for some fun while crafting were Hanger 24's Orange Wheat and American River's Riverbend Hefeweizen Ale. We were especially excited about the American River Brewing Co. beer, as its a local craft brewery near where Andrea and I are from in Sacramento! The Tassel Garlands took us about an hour and a half to make one large one, but you could make smaller ones in less than an hour once you get the hang of it! Buy enough beer accordingly! ;)

Now that we've covered the craft beers, let's get to the crafting. You'll need a variety of tissue paper in various colors. I suggest picking a color scheme that has one tissue paper that really pops. We chose a metallic gold to do that, but to make it look great, you can use a variety of colors or an ombre theme as well! This project turns out absolutely adorable and is relatively foolproof and inexpensive. Here's what you'll need:


-Tape OR a hot glue gun


-A variety of tissue papers (each sheet of tissue paper makes 2 tassels)


First, take a sheet of tissue paper, and fold it in half (hamburger style):

Next, fold it in half again (hotdog style):

Then, cut slits toward the fold to create the fringe. Stop cutting about an inch away from the fold.

Next, unfold the tissue paper just once. Make sure all the slits are facing the same way, and then cut down the middle (where it was previously folded.) Once you cut it into two, unfold each piece in the other direction so the slits now face both sides, as seen below.

Then, start rolling the tissue paper from the middle. Once you've rolled it all up, twist the middle and turn it into a loop, for the string to slip through later. You can use the hot glue gun or tape to secure the loop so it stays in place.

Continue to repeat and add the tassels to the string once you've made enough and figured out the best pattern!

Although I mentioned this project is pretty hard to mess up, I know crafts or DIY-anything isn't as fun to some. If you like the tassel garland but want to skip the crafting part, there are lots of Etsy shops that sell them - check here.

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