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A few weekends back, I was in Orange County with Joe to visit his family. We were able to spend some time with our favorite newlyweds, Chloe (@chloetowersey) and Pat Towersey (@punkerpat). Chloe and I are friends from UCSB and were roommates our senior year of college. Chloe works in the fashion industry with her dad, Bill Barton (co-founder), at Barton Perreira, a high end sunglasses brand. She is my most fashionable friend and I need her style advice on everything, from clothes to hosting parties to apartment decor.

Mirror: Ikea | Tray: antique from Pat's grandfather, similar here and here

I am absolutely obsessed with Chloe and Pat's house in Newport Beach on the peninsula. I asked Chloe to share some insights about her decor, style and inspiration. Being from Laguna Beach, and marrying a surfing legend, the beach is obviously an important part of their lives and incorporated a lot into their home's decor and style. In the interview below, you'll get the chance to take a glimpse into the newlyweds' Newport Beach house.

Megan: Who are your inspirations for your interior design style?

Chloe: My mom! She has better style than me so I am always copying her. She helps me with all my projects around the house and I inherit (or steal) a lot of her hand-me-downs.

Picture frame: gift, similar here and here | Pot: Molly Wood Garden Design (can't shop online), similar here

Megan: Chloe is very creative and makes a lot of trendy pom poms herself for a variety of decorations used in her house! Chloe, can you walk us through how to make your DIY pom poms and how you use them to decorate your Christmas tree?

Chloe: I love pom poms and I think I have gone a little overboard in my house, but I don't care! I have pom pom curtains, pom pom baskets and now a pom pom covered Christmas tree! I think pom poms make really cute (and cheap!!) Christmas ornaments. This year I started making pom pom garland for some of my friends' trees too! Super easy and fun to make.

These are the ones Chloe sent to Joe and me for our Christmas tree and we are absolutely obsessed!

Here's how she does it!

Video Instructions:

See how she uses the pom poms on her tree:

Megan: What are your favorite pieces in your house?

Chloe: Can I say my husband? JK! I love our curtains the most right now. Probably because we have had so many curtain fails in the past. Pat tried to make them when we first moved in together. That project resulted in an emergency room visit because he cut right though his hand. Then, I tried to sew some using this striped fabric that I found. The room ended up looking like a circus tent ... way too many stripes! These new ones are very clean and simple. They are cream with pom poms (my fav!!) and I think they will be staying for a while!

Curtains: Anthropologie

Indoor tree: Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree from Home Depot | Wicker basket: Amber Interiors

I also LOVE pillows!! They can add that pop of color wherever you need it. Most of my pillows are made from fabrics that I have found at flea markets. Pillows can be pricey, so if you are low on funds (like me!), making them is a great option! My husband is always joking that we have pillow overload but I am not quitting my pillow addiction anytime soon.

Mirrors: Anthropologie (old), similar here and here

The ocean is a huge part of our life so that is definitely reflected throughout our home. My husband started collecting old swimming fins a couple years ago. We had a couple framed and hung them in our dining room (if you can even call it that... more like a hallway to our kitchen that we squeezed a table into). I love how they turned out!

Megan: What blogs, Instagram handles, magazines, websites, etc. do you follow to find new trends?

Chloe: I love DOMINO magazine... it is pricey ($13!), but totally worth it; lots of color, deals and fun DIY ideas. My favorite interior design Instagrammer is @SHOPPE_BY_AI. She has a fun, relaxed boho style that I think is just perfect! Rip & Tan is my absolute favorite blog by designer Jenni Kayne (@jennikayne). She has a very clean, organic aesthetic and her tablescapes are NEXT LEVEL!

Picture frames: Pottery Barn

Megan: Where do you like to shop for your home?

Chloe: Well, I am on a budget so I have to get a little creative! Craigslist (my couch), Flea Markets (living room chairs, living room armoire, pillows, the list goes on!!), and my mom's house. I literally beg her for things in her house all the time and, because she is such an angel, she sometimes gives in (my table runner)!

Hanging pots: gift, similar here | Blanket: Anthropologie | Rug: Anthropologie

I love Anthropologie! I registered there for my wedding and got so many beautiful pieces. Jusxtaposition is my favorite home store in Laguna, but it is very pricey! And West Elm is a go-to for cool mid-centery inspired lamps, dressers, etc.

Megan: What's your next project for the house?

Chloe: We recently remodeled our kitchen and bathroom, so now we are on to the outside! Our house is currently four different shades on the outside so it is begging for a fresh coat of DARK GREY paint! :) Time to save our money!!!

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