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I recently got some inquiries about the hair tie bracelet from a picture in one of my previous posts (about my acaí obsession). My wonderful best friend and #MOH, Andrea (@adevvvv), gave me the cute hair tie that I am now obsessed with and wear every day, since it's always coming in handy! Whether it's going for a walk at lunch, getting ready for yoga, or washing my face at night, I am always finding myself needing a hair tie at some point throughout my day. So, like most girls, I always have a hair tie around my wrist and feel naked without one. I love how hair tie bracelets are both fashion and function! You never know when you'll need that hair tie, so why not make a fashion statement when it's not in use. When you are using it, it adds a little accessory to your hair as well, and looks great when you have your hair up!

Hair tie bracelet: Fixed on Drama (black) | Watch: Michael Kors

Hair tie bracelets: Fixed on Drama (turquoise) + Berry (black)

Andrea's gift was a perfect way to make a hairtie around your wrist actually look really cute! Metal hair wraps that look like bracelets are getting really popular, and there are a variety of options today with both high and low end pricing. These make great little gifts or stocking stuffers for your roommates, cousins, and besties.

My two favorite styles of hair tie bracelets are made by Berry ($8) and Fixed on Drama ($4), both priced very reasonably! I've paired up with Fixed on Drama (@fixedondrama) to do some giveaways! Two random winners will be drawn for the giveaway. Each winner will win a bracelet for you + your bestie!

Enter to win!

*You must enter between Monday at 6:30 PST and Tuesday at 6:30 PST to be qualified! The winners will be contacted on Tuesday evening after the drawing.

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On the topic of hair ties that are both fashionable and functional, did you know that lululemon jackets have zipper ties that double as hair ties? They're also very durable for even the thickest pony tails! They are so clutch when you're running to Soul Cycle or Barry's and forget your hair tie! Read more about the level of detail that the company puts into their clothes here.

Aside from Berry and Fixed on Drama's selections, here are a few suggestions of other hair tie bracelet combos that I absolutely love:

Bittersweet, $85

Goody, $5.99

Bandi Bracelet, $20

Or, there's always my go to option: #DIY (via I SPY DIY blog)

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