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My three friends, Alex, Alex, Alex, and I got together to do some Christmas crafting. Yes, I have hit my quota for friends named Alex. We found a couple DIY projects on Pinterest that we wanted to make, so we picked up supplies at Michael's and got to crafting! The ones we chose to make were Christmas ornament wreaths and mason jar ornaments. They're both extremely easy and inexpensive to create. You can make both for about $20. Continue reading for instructions on how to make these fun holiday decorations!

Ornament Wreath

Supplies needed:

  1. Ornaments (small and large; buy in bulk for the cheapest option)

  2. Straw (wreath form)

  3. Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Time required: ~25 minutes


To start making, it's as simple as gluing the ornaments onto the straw wreath. We found that it works best to use 2-3 rows of the larger ornaments staggared, and supplement the smaller ornaments in between. Make sure to not only hot glue the ornaments to the straw wreath, but also to the other ornaments around it for more support. You will probably want to leave the back without ornaments so it will lie flat on your door. Fill up the wreath as much as you want, and when you're done, add a bow or any other details to finish. Finally, hang it on your door!

Mason Jar Ornaments

Supplies needed:

  1. Mason Jar Lids

  2. Ribbon or Cloth (for the background)

  3. Wooden Cutout (or sticker, to use as the image)

  4. Twine

  5. Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks

  6. Scissors

Time required: <5 minutes


Cut a piece of the material (ribbon or cloth) to fit around the lid insert (not the ring). Glue down on the back side, so it fits somewhat snug. Use a piece of twine to wrap around the mason jar lid to create the ornament's hanging string. Put some glue on a couple edges inside the lid ring, and push in the covered lid insert. Finally, glue on the image, cutout, or sticker of your choice to decorate the ornament. Finally, hang on your tree! :)

Hope these fun DIY Christmas projects help you add some festive flaire to your apartments and Christmas trees. These make great gifts for your girl friends too! If you have any fun ideas of other holiday DIY projects, please comment on the post to share and be featured or contact me with your ideas.

Happy holidays!

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