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Between all the wedding planning, registry shopping, and holiday dinners, I've been thinking a lot about table settings lately. I absolutely love to host people, whether its a dinner party or casual wine night, it's fun to show off your creativity and cute flatware! In my mid-twenties, this is one of the first years I'm excited to have my own space and nice "stuff" to use. If your girl friends are coming over, you're hosting a double dinner date, or your family is coming to visit for the holidays, here's a look into how to make your table settings look adorable at various ranges of pricing. You don't need to have the nicest stuff or to have the full sets to make it look amazing! Let's walk through the basics you'll need:

1) Flatware

I have an obsession with all things gold, from shoes to jewelry, to decor. Flatware is no exception. I also really like the two toned look, with gold and silver, and brass or copper as well. Below you'll find two links with different price points for your specific budgets that might be cute options:

Marchesa two-toned flatware from Bloomingdale's $90

Threshold flatware from Target $19.99

2) Plates

Sticking with the gold theme for flatware, I'll suggest some white plates with gold trim for dinner and salad plates. You can also keep it simple with solid white, or more casual with a solid black. Maybe you'll pull out the gold plates for special occasions as your modern "china" since china seems to be not as popular or needed these days. You'll probably want to go for at a minimum two different plates: a dinner plate for your main entree and a salad plate. Here are a couple I'd suggest from different price points:

Cameo gold dinner plate from Mikasa $16.99

Everyday white round dinner plate from Bed Bath & Beyond $4.99

3) Chargers

My new obsession. I don't currently have these, but want to get some ASAP! A charger plate is a large, decorative, base setting which all your other plates will sit on top of. They give your table setting a little bit more flaire! Not only are they aesthetically pleasing for your guests, they are also a great way to protect your table cloth. Here are a few at different price points to match the set we've been putting together so far, focususing around the gold/white theme:

Beaded edge charger plate from Neiman Marcus $18

Charge It by Jay round charger plate at Bed Bath & Beyond $2.99

4) Napkins

With our gold theme, a white or black solid or patterened napkin would look great, but you could also go with a soft taupe or blush color too to mix it up. Here are a bunch of fun ways to fold your napkins too. Here's a couple examples of some fun linens to spice up the simple look:

Logan Park napkin from Kate Spade $8

Duchess napkins (set of 4) from Bed Bath & Beyond $12.99

5) Place Cards

Place cards are so simple. For a simple dinner party, do not spend any money on this. Either use paper and a calligraphy pen and just place them on the table setting, or go outside and find some natural ways to create cute place cards. For Thanksgiving yesterday, I grabbed some leaves from my from yard, and used my gold calligraphy pen. I wrote in cursive the name of each guest, and placed it with their table setting -- it was a huge hit! You can dip leaves in gold, or simply keep them clean as well. For Christmas season coming up, you can use some pine leaves from a tree in your backyard or the nearby park. I found these ideas on Pinterest and have linked to them below:

DIY fall place cards that I made for our Thanksgiving dinner. See how here, with other cute Thanksgiving DIY projects too.

Another cute way to use leaves -- green leaves can be used year round! With green, I suggest using a white calligraphy or paint pen so it pops more. Read more about this one here.

I love this use of rosemary, which will give your table a fresh, winter smell too! Read more here for this specific DIY project and many more winter ones!

Hope you enjoy hosting your next dinner party -- I know I will! If you have any cute ideas, send them my way, as I'm always looking for more. Happy hosting!



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