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A twenty-somethings' lifestyle and travel blog. I'm Megan, a travel fiend who's passionate about seeing the world, trying new foods, meeting new people, and learning a lot about myself along the way. You can check my travel tips for holidays in Sydney, San Francisco, and my other favorite cities around the world. Make sure to also stop by my shop page with high quality photo prints for your walls and beyond prints for your home decor.

I've been to 28 countries and have lived in three. I plan to get to 30 by age 30! My current home base is Sydney, Australia with my husband, Joe, but I definitely left my heart in San Francisco. I'm eager to share our spontaneous lives and passion for life with each of you. My goal with The Urbanite Insight is to show the world how easy and affordable travel can be in your twenties and to inspire you to plan your next trip ASAP! Hopefully you enjoy reading my travel and food guides from around the world and find some tips that will help you navigate your own adventures. Safe travels!


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